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Creative Team Challenges

From art to fashion, film to painting: delight, amaze, explore and express with our truly imaginative and creative teambuilding events

Teams network and collaborate to recreate a giant multi canvas artwork.

An exploration of values and behaviours through the creation of fictitious country identities

Teams create and choreograph their own catwalk collections with a limited budget

A fun context to highlight company topics by overdubbing old movie clips.

Key conference messages reinforced with a storyline of oversized comic strip frames.

Teams recreate Hollywood classic famous films and produce their own after dinner entertainment

Participants remake their own video versions of popular classics

Define your company values in graphic form and organize a production line of printing

Breakout tool that challenges participants to deliver a meaningful messages in just six digital action frames.

Devise and produce over the top commercials to explore your own products and services.


    "I thought I`d drop you a mail to say thank you very much for a really great teambuilding event. The feedback and enthusiasm from our people has been outstanding. All four Dream Team members were fantastic and demonstrated professionalism, understanding, patience, humour and lots of energy. Special mention to Jene and Simon who also ran the Sunday morning brilliantly and attended my session on Saturday morning. I can now officially say that you are now considered as the main supplier for these kind of events in South Africa. Keep me posted on new products and ideas you are developing."


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