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We recognise our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services. We have assessed our activities and identified that our significant environmental aspects and impacts including transport, energy use and waste. All our events are built with our CSR policy in mind.

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CSR Ideas

We have suggested a CSR direction for the following specific events so that you get a great team experience but also raise consciousness and awareness of CSR. These can be tailored to reflect your own CSR policy and all offer good PR opportunities.

Contact us for more information on how to include corporate social responsibility ideas in your teambuilding activity.


Charitable teambuilding activity that fuses CSR with human interaction to create fulfilling experience.

Build a process, build a team and help a child in need. Toy Factory is a new Corporate Social Responsibility concept with focus on efficiency and creativity.

Tree planting mission with Corporate Social Responsibility

Battle Of The Big Top has been used to create a special occasion for disadvantaged youth. After perfecting your act children are invited into the 'Big Top' and served with popcorn and other treats. They are then entertained in a truly unique fashion watching your own circus show. Everyone is a winner as your people enjoy the shared team experience and see the delight in the faces of the children for whom this will be a truly memorable day.

Have you experienced Beatswork and been blown away by sense of unity that this event creates? How about taking this further a sharing this positive experience with the wider community? Ask for internal volunteers to organise and facilitate this event with worthy groups in the local area – set up a sponsored Samba Band.

Due it its market relevance, Big Picture has been very successful and many clients have used the activity as a vehicle to 'give back in some way'. Some of our clients have used the decorative nature of Big Picture to brighten up wall spaces in hospices, play groups or old peoples' homes. The most popular CSR angle has been auctioning the picture for charity post event, earning a lot of money over the last decade.

Considering that Breakthrough is a great platform for learning, how about considering an ‘event in kind’? Donate a full Breakthrough event to a school, youth group or any charitable foundation that would benefit from the educational relevance of this challenge. To play our part we will provide this at a heavily discounted price.

Bridging the Divide can be tailored so that each bridge portion is presented by the team as the rationale for the side messages concerning sustainable development.

The end goal requires teams to share resources, minimise unnecessary journeys, control budgets and use recycled materials wherever possible. It’s a route to creating awareness of the impact of any project on the environment and the expectations of diverse stakeholders.

The Chain Reaction teambuilding event uses recycled materials to minimise any environmental impact.

Efficient use of resources can highlight areas in your own company where improvements can be made.

Creative Juices sets a scenario of one company collaborating internationally. The first part of the challenge presents complex distribution issues that need to be resolved. This is a crucial element of the game and one that can be tailored to demonstrate how teams can successfully work together to reduce their carbon footprint.

As part of Catalyst's commitment to our own CSR policy, one of our global partners recently donated this activity to a school. Not only did the children receive the educational benefits of this dynamic challenge, they also raised a large sum of money for charity. Prior to the actual event the each of the competing teams were tasked with raising actual corporate sponsorship for their F1 constructions. Character building stuff for go-getters in their formative years! (See case studies for more detail)

Set a sustainable tone and tailor Haute Couture so the collections only use recycled or recyclable material. Wining Team? – Yes, but don’t drown them in bubbly and corporate gifts, how about donating to their chosen charity on their behalf. The fashion industry is not without its critics, so why not contribute to an organisation that assists with liberating children in third world countries from exploitation and child labour?

How The West Was Won is akin to a historical ‘Second Life’. The intricate game matrix sets up a common environment where participants are responsible for their own actions. Catalyst can tailor the content to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical business practice. Clients have used to this as platform to explore their own principles; the value they create for society, environmental impacts, use of resources and their affect on employees' lives.

This exercise often asks people to project news into the future. It presents a useful vehicle to explore elements of your own CSR statement: predicting ‘tomorrows news’ provides a great sounding board for participants to explore their impact on the environment and what steps can be taken to maintain a committed CSR policy.

Orchestrate is a totally unforgettable extravaganza where participants feel truly uplifted. Why not share some of that feeling? Invite others to join you and sponsor their place in the Orchestra. Are you affiliated to an external organisation with individuals who would really appreciate this opportunity? Prior to the event you may wish to set up competitions with local schools where pupils can earn their seat. Consider donating a number of classical instruments after the event.

River Runner simulates a commercial business operating in an environmentally sensitive environment. The depth of game structure allows the game to be specially tailored to explore ethical issues such as community liaison, conservation, responsible practice, resource management and the socio-ecomonic impact of tourism on a fragile economy.

Streetbeat conveys a very strong message of sustainability; the useof back to basics trash style instrumentation is good demonstration of how powerful results can be achieved with limited resources. This concept can be driven one stage further with participants bringing/finding recycled materials to build their own instruments!

Use Two Tribes to raise awareness of the environmental and social challenges of indigenous people and third world countries. Points earned can be converted to a cash donation for an indigenous cause chosen by the winning tribe.

Add a ‘bolt on extra to this activity’ where the points accumulated by teams are matched with cash donations from your company. Here’s how it works:

  • Teams are rewarded with star icons according to their performance in each challenge.
  • All teams total their stars at end of the competition; a winning team is recognised and applauded.
  • A spokesperson for the company announces that all stars earned during the competition will be matched on a cash ratio e.g. 1 star = $1
  • Several Perspex ‘post boxes’ are provided, representing 2 or 3 charities your company has chosen to support.
  • Teams divide their stars evenly between individuals in their team.
  • All participants are invited to post their stars according to the charities they personally wish to support.


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